Millet has participated in Communities in Bloom since the program started in 1996. Under the direction of Mrs. Bernice Knight (dubbed 'the Flower Lady'), the Town bloomed into the Prettiest Town in Alberta. Mrs. Knight became the representative for Communities in Bloom in 2000 to assist other communities in becoming participants of the Communities in Bloom Program.

Mrs. Carol Sadoroszney then became the Chairperson for Millet in Bloom and, with a lot of help from volunteers, businesses, residents and employees, Millet was dubbed the Prettiest Town in Canada after winning the 2001 Nationals!

Millet has competed internationally with Audley, England in 2000, and Waringstown, Northern Ireland in 2002. In 2005, Millet decided to compete at the Provincial level as it was Alberta's Centennial and Millet's 10th year as a participant in the Communities in Bloom Program.

In 2006 Millet began once again  competing at the National Level.

Millet in Bloom celebrated it's 20th Anniversary in 2015! 

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Wood Chips

Wood chips can be purchased at $75 per 1/2 tonne truckload. Payment can be made at the Town office, and then arrangements to be made with Public Works to pick up the chips: 387-5535.


Second Tuesday of each month, in the Council Chambers at the Town Office at 7:30 pm from March through to October annually.

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Millet in Bloom Logo

The logo of Daisies was selected through the Town Flower Contest in 2000. Residents were asked to submit their choice of flower and from this the Daisy was selected. It is easy to stylize, draw, reproduce on promotional items, or put on light post banners. In old English it means "Days Eye" (the sun).

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