Spring Clean-Up Week kicks off on April 30th and runs through May 8th

Many MIB volunteers have already started to pick up garbage around town,
now we’re calling on the community to help make Millet the “Prettiest Town in Alberta” again!
Please encourage your friends and neighbours to concentrate on cleaning their own street.
In addition, Power Line Road needs attention as well as residential streets.

Please carry a garbage bag with you when you go on your ‘walkabouts’! Let’s see how clean we can make Millet by May!

Due to COVID-19, you will notice that MIB Volunteers will not be gathering and will be maintaining social distancing;
however, we will be out working! Please find an area that you see needs improvement and make it your mission!

Just for this year we hope people will use their own garbage bags, and if you do not have room at home to dispose of the bags:
There will be many drop off locations around town:
1) on Hwy 616 by the park bench across from the baseball diamond
2) at each end of the truck parking lot on Hwy. 2A
3) beside the Curling Rink
4) throughout the Walking Trails

Thank you so much for your efforts and cooperation!

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